Tisdale defends Harley sale

The 26-year-old midfielder signed for the Welsh club on Friday but has been loaned straight back to the Grecians for the remainder of the season.

Tisdale has received some criticism from fans about the move but he has hit back claiming the decision was a good one for the club.

He told BBC Devon: "I think it's a fantastic situation. I can't believe anybody would not want Ryan with us for the rest of the season.

"Only one club was looking to spend money on him, and that club didn't offer a great deal of money.

"The facts are he was free to walk away in a few months time and he could sign a pre-contract with another club, even if he's still on contract with us. You're either going to be a selling club, which we are generally, and so when we make a bold decision and decide to keep a player, you can't then grumble about it."

Source: PA

Source: PA